What to Look For  & How to Use it

4×4  Recovery Kit

Do you want to know how to hook up solar panels to RV batteries? You’re in the right place.

Whether your campervan is a 2wd or a 4wd, a well equipped 4×4 recovery kit is essential if you ever consider taking your van off a black top road.

It doesn’t take much to get stuck in a muddy field, soft sand track or even on a grassy campsite field.

Essential 4wd Recovery Gear & How to Use it

A 4×4 recovery kit isn’t enough to get you out of a sticky situation. Unless you know what to do with it and in what situations.

Portable air compressor

On loose tracks, soft sand and gloopy mud, releasing air to reduce tyre pressure helps widen your footprint and improve grip.

Tyre deflators

They’re very helpful and a lot easier than using a pin, screw driver and hunching down to let the air out. You don’t need to keep checking the pressure with a gauge either.

Plastic traction recovery tracks

Light weight, solid plastic traction tracks are placed under a slipping wheel to provide a short run of treaded road.

Tow rope

A very useful strop to keep handy for those moments when you just need a little tug from another vehicle to get going.

Hi-Lift or Farmers Jack

Hi-Lift jacks are versatile heavy lifting or winching tools. Because of their strong build, they are heavy and need to be properly secured when traveling.

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