Best Campervan Toilet Options for Living in a Van

Installing a full size bathroom will add to the cost of the build. Some camper toilets need accessories that’ll add to van life costs. 

Many van dwellers adapt to living in a van without an onboard toilet. Others wouldn’t leave their drive without a fitted toilet.

Do You Need a Toilet in your Campervan? Before seriously considering installing a bathroom or toilet facility in your campervan, ask yourself if you really need one.

What to do if you don’t have a camper toilet There are public bathrooms almost everywhere. So most of the time, you can use public toilets.

What About When You Want to Poop? Hopefully you won’t pass up the opportunity to use one of the many public toilets.

If you’re out in the wilderness though, it’s time to dig a hole! You’ll need a shovel but a small trowel works just as well.

Bucket or Bag Toilets for Campers Being sick when living in a van is dreadful but if you’ve nowhere to go when nature calls, it’s even worse.

There’s a lot of bucket toilets on the market but many of them don’t collapse so take up as much space.

Do you need a toilet in your campervan? What to do if you don’t have a camper toilet? Swipe up to learn more!