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Electrical Calculators for Campervan Conversions

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The most important aspect of creating the perfect campervan electrical design is getting the size right.

But it’s a bit of a minefield.

Here’s just an example of some of the typical questions asked when designing and building a DIY campervan conversion:

And the list goes on.

Build your own camper quick start guide

There’s no one size fits all answer. We need to consider many factors:

Again, more questions.

So where do you start in answering all this and sizing your electrical system?

Fortunately we have a collection of electrical calculators for campervan conversions and RV owners to help!

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Electrical calculators for RVs and Campers

If you’re just starting to design your campervan electrics or want to do a full electrical audit of a new RV, we recommend using these electrical calculators.

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