How to Wire your Camper Van Electrical System

A campervan electrical system is the lifeline to van living. With the right set up for your needs, off grid living can become a reality.

The electrical system isn’t just about getting the right batteries and fitting a few solar panels on your roof.

Having figured out how you’ll charge your batteries and bought your campervan appliances, it’s time to get it all installed and whirring.

Parts of a campervan electrical system Campervan electrical set ups use the basic principles of electricity circuits.

Circuit  A circuit is the path or loop through which electricity flows.

Power source  The battery bank providing the electricity Connectors or conductors  A connector is what the path is made from i.e. the wires.

Switches  A switch allows the circuit to be opened and closed. When the switch is closed, the circuit is complete and electricity flows.

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